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Speedycourse built the technology to help bridge the gap between learners and providers. We intend to engage everyone to work and learn together to build stronger communities.

Delivering Knowledge to All

We have created an easy and convenient way for learners to get the skills they need to succeed. With the ability to raise funds using our upcoming Crowdfunding platform and access to different student loan providers, even the underprivileged will be able to obtain the same training as those who can easily afford it. This will give them an equal opportunity to get ahead in life.

Get involved in our learning community.

Help us develop a learning community where learners are able to connect with training providers through relationship-centered interactions. This will encourage providers to become more collaborative and responsive and will help "transform non-traditional students into powerful learners and persisters" ( Laura Rendon ).
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Getting that job.

Aspiring to be promoted? Want to succeed?
Stop procrastinating!
Get the right skills you need to get ahead.
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